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When and why was Archstone Consulting established?

Archstone Consulting was founded by consulting industry veterans in 2003. At that time, the market was ripe for a new and differentiated approach to consulting from a firm that wasn't too large, bureaucratic, or expensive." Clients were starving for a firm that was objective and independent of software alliances and accounting firms. The Principals and Directors who started and have since joined Archstone have worked for leading consulting firms and know that successful consulting is about working collaboratively and being efficient at listening and adapting to client needs, diagnosing problems, and implementing solutions that will drive measurable and sustainable value.

We are very proud of the accomplishments we've made since our inception. As a leading Strategy & Operations consulting firm, we've developed an impressive client list and established a talented and accomplished team of practitioners, representing three major market locations in the U.S. Throughout our rapid growth, we have retained an entrepreneurial spirit - an appealing attribute that resonates with our clients.

What is the background of your leaders?

Archstone Consulting is comprised of seasoned consultants with proven track records and years of experience in all areas of business operations. The firm is led by Principals who have deep experience serving the leaders in the industries in which they practice. Our consultants come from both the consulting world and industry, so our teams have a good balance of "real world" insight and strategy-based training.

Who is your competition?

Our competition depends on the services that we are offering to a client, and it includes everyone from traditional "Big 4" consulting firms, to strategy firms, to boutique players.

What kind of brand recognition do you have in the marketplace?

Archstone Consulting continues to be recognized in the media as a firm on the rise and has received significant coverage since its inception. Consulting Magazine's March/April 2007 cover story titled "The Age of Archstone" highlighted our strengths and how we differentiate ourselves in the marketplace. In April 2010, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) ranked Archstone in the top 20 list of World's Best Outsourcing Advisors.

Additionally, our thought leaders have been quoted regularly on industry and market trends impacting our clients, with their thoughts appearing in leading business and trade publications including The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Time Magazine, Dow Jones, The New York Times, Industry Week, and Business Finance, as well as on CNBC, Bloomberg, NBC, and CBS, to name a few.

Can you give me a sense of who your clients are?

Archstone is the trusted advisor and counselor of many of the most influential businesses and institutions in the world. The Hackett Group, including its Archstone Consulting, REL, and Answerthink brands, has worked with 97% of the Dow Jones Industrials, 73% of the Fortune 100, 73% of the DAX 30, and 45% of the FTSE 100.

Do Archstone Consulting professionals work on one engagement at a time or do you follow a two-case model? What does your typical project team look like?

Generally, we focus on one client engagement at a time, but our Principals and Directors are often involved in multiple proposal and client efforts. Our typical project teams are small in size and usually consist of 3-7 consultants and a Principal. In addition, each consultant is expected to participate in firm building, including developing thought leadership, recruiting, and firm culture activities.

Are your consultants "generalists" or "specialists" in a particular industry or service area?

We expect our consultants and senior consultants to join Archstone Consulting for a solid generalist experience, meaning that they will likely be exposed to our various service offerings and industries. Over time, some consultants and senior consultants may find that one service or industry particularly interests them. In this case, we encourage these consultants' professional development and relationship building in their respective areas of interest, while they remain available to continue building their foundational skills and supporting the firm when there is demand in a particular area.

As consultants become more senior in our organization, we expect them to specialize in a particular industry or practice area, since they will need to manage complex projects as they start to sell work. For managers, directors, and principals, we typically target candidates with a specific area or areas of specialization.

What does the interview process look like?

Selected candidates will typically go through multiple rounds of interviews, with the first step being phone interviews with 2-3 team members. The first phone interview will be a general discussion to understand the candidate's interest in Archstone and his/her career experiences. Subsequent phone interviews will focus on core skills and experience performing specific functions associated with the desired position. These phone interviews will typically last 45-60 minutes. Selected candidates who pass the phone interview process will be brought into an Archstone office to interview with 3-4 staff members. This round of interviews typically lasts 3-4 hours and is usually held on a Friday morning. The total process from when a resume is received to when an offer is extended averages 6-8 weeks.

For senior-level candidates (Principals and Directors), you will typically have multiple face-to-face interviewing days to allow you to meet a variety of appropriate experts across the practices and industries. The goal of these conversations is for us to understand your subject matter expertise, project management capabilities, and breadth and depth in the marketplace.

How can I prepare for my interview with Archstone Consulting?

First and foremost, be prepared to discuss your background and do some preliminary research on our company. In addition, a critical element of our interview process for Managers and below is the business case portion. We'll present you with a real-life business case, typically one that our firm or a particular interviewer has tackled, and we will look at your ability to articulate clearly your approach to the problem, rationale, and recommendations.

I've heard that consultants travel a lot. Can you tell me what to expect at Archstone Consulting?

As with most consulting firms, the majority of our work will be at the client site so there will be some travel involved. We typically spend Monday through Thursday on-site and Fridays in our home office. We also make it a priority to staff smartly, utilizing our regional resources to help mitigate excessive travel; however, as a smaller firm, we are not always able to staff people within their respective regions. For this reason, candidates should be comfortable with traveling across the country as client needs dictate.

Can you tell me about career progression at Archstone Consulting?

At Archstone Consulting, we believe that career development is a shared responsibility between the firm and the individual. One of the ways we support the career progression of our consultants is through our Advisor Program. As part of our performance management process we provide development goals for each level, providing a map to help you on your road to success at Archstone Consulting.