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Archstone Consulting serves leading consumer goods companies and retailers across all segments. Our work covers the major forces influencing the performance of consumer goods and retail businesses today, including growth strategies and structural cost reduction that drive increased revenue, improved margins, and earnings growth. We strive to help our clients efficiently deliver on their promises to consumers, shoppers, customers, shareholders, and employees.

How We Work

Our work is characterized by senior-led collaborative teams with substantial consulting and industry experience. These teams partner with clients to provide industry-relevant perspectives, creative thinking and pragmatic solutions.

Industry Sub-Segments

Archstone Consulting's Consumer Products practice serves clients across all segments of consumer goods, including food & beverage, consumer healthcare, household and general packaged goods, beauty products, apparel, and consumer durables. Archstone covers both the brick-and-mortar and e-commerce channels of retail.

Practice Area Service Offerings

Our work addresses the major issues influencing consumer goods and retail businesses today, including innovation and growth, portfolio management, supply chain improvement, strategic and financial planning, sourcing and procurement, post-merger integration, business intelligence, IT strategy, and operational excellence across all functions.

Case Studies

Assisted major player in confectionary industry in determining current growth state and developing a new growth strategy

Helped in determining the current state of growth in North America, and in developing a new... More

Assisted leader in OTC nutritionals market in understanding its competitive position and identifying improvement initiatives across diverse areas

Helped in conducting a competitive assessment of the client and its primary competitor and... More

Assisted OTC consumer division of large pharmaceutical company in understanding the effectiveness of its trade promotions spending

Assisted client in understanding the effectiveness of its trade promotions spending and... More

White Paper

The Call for Collaboration in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

Collaboration in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry is not a new concept. It has steadily evolved over the past two... More

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