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Primary Care Physician of the Future (2015) - Opportunities for Growth

Case Study Summary

In light of the passing of health care reform in the US, the client was struggling with the way in which one of their key customers, the Primary Care Physician, would be impacted. While the role of PCPs had been dwindling for years in favor of a Specialist model, health care reform appeared to be shifting the focus back to primary care, which created a potential opportunity for our client to build out a set of health care solutions focused on the PCP and their potential new role(s).

The Client

US subsidiary of a global pharmaceutical company.

The Challenge

Determining what the future healthcare operating model would look like in 5 years was the greatest challenge on the project. Archstone Consulting conducted a series of scenario planning workshops during the first phase in order to define the future healthcare operating model, and from there, detail the way in which Primary Care Physicians would be most likely to deliver care in the future.

The Solution

First, the team created scenarios describing the various components of the expected US healthcare operating model. Then, working with the client, the team outlined the specific priorities and challenges for PCPs in these scenarios. Lastly, the team brainstormed ideas for valuable solutions to offer these PCPs, prioritized the ideas, and developed a roadmap for implementing those that were considered highest priority by the core client team.

The Results

The client incorporated the findings from their project in their strategic and brand planning activities. They also created a number of sub-teams to implement the near-term recommendations documented in the final road map.

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